Pub culture is pervasive in Ireland, where you’ll find bars bursting with tradition that offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere to folks passing through. Locals frequent pubs, or “public houses”, to gather with, and meet their neighbours, friends and even complete strangers in a relaxed atmosphere. At the core of this culture is a sense of camaraderie and friendship, something that we hope can always be found at Flynn’s Pub.

As most of its residents know, the town of Corner Brook, and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador as a whole, are heavily influenced by Irish culture. It’s no wonder that Flynn’s Pub fits so seamlessly into the community! Similar to most Irish pubs, Flynn’s Pub is family owned and bears the name of its proprietors, as well as the colours found on the Flynn family crest. The Flynn family tree is steeped in Irish history, and we hope that this history is reflected in Flynn’s Pub, in everything from the music to the food, and especially in the good times to be had.

Formerly known as McHugh’s Bar, and owned and operated by Flynn family friend Dave McHugh, the pub has been a fixture in the Corner Brook community for over five years. Flynn’s was built on a foundation of good, live music and town residents looking to have a good time. These are the pillars that we hope continue to support Flynn’s Pub and the wonderful community that surrounds it.

As the Irish would say, come join us for some craic. Sláinte!